Today we get to quiz the coder

our LCMS is run by a contract company, and conference sched for today features a meeting with our liasions (great guys!) and one of the programmers, who I met last night at the social.

Joe the programmer said something right as he was leaving the restaurant that really caught my attention in light of the past few weeks in class – he said, “you know, I am really excited about this next implementation. <product> has really been coasting in a kind of series of ‘1.0’ releases for the past year and a half, and this will take it to the next level – so far it’s just been a powerful data entry tool, I think what we are doing now will bring it into the land of content selection and management.”

Is it funny or sad that up until about two weeks ago the phrase “1.0 releases” wouldn’t have really meant anything to me?

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