Digital virtual training environments

Our school is just beginning to get into the business of running a DVTE. It is a suite of several stand-alone computer stations, capable of running a variety of battle/tactical simulation scenarios. So far, like with any new change, it has been as much or more pain in the butt as helpful, but I know that it has potential.

The application that I have seen most of involves a student estimating the location of an enemy target,¬†typing in the correct commands to call for supporting fire from a remote weapon, then evaluating how close the weapon was to target and typing in the commands to correct the course of the weapon and hit the target on the next round. The part I like most about it is that it keeps a detailed keystroke log for the faculty advisor to track, so when he comes around to grade the students’ performance he can identify the exact point at which errors were made and provide good feedback and recommendations for improvement, rather than just a numeric grade.

Of course, the classic problem is always the problem – we don’t have the budget to support enough hardware for full implementation. We only have 66 workstations, and we average 110 students per class and three classes at a time. So the problems come mostly from trying to figure out how to round-robin the students in and out of the DVTE and what other education makes sense to segue with it.

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