Play nicely with the tech, children…

On the other hand, some of our technology does work relatively well, and we do have the resources for it. We have a schoolhouse website, servered at our parent command in VA, that I can and do post all sorts of resources on. It links to our parent command’s website, and they also put tons of useful information on it. Every faculty member at my school has access to it, through their existing military accounts.

I use it to store staff development resources, a calendar of upcoming training opportunities, commonly needed documents and forms, even “how-to” PowerPoint presentations on tasks that people commonly ask me about. The parent organization’s side of the site has all of the most up-to-date curriculum materials, a staff development progress tracking database, and a list of all the current curriculum discrepancies reported so that no one needs to duplicate another school’s efforts if a problem is already on the books.

The hard part is convincing anyone to ever LOG ON and look around. They “don’t have time” – although they seem to have plenty of time to email me or come to my office and ask me to answer questions and solve problems for them.

Maybe I need a viral advertising campaign…. hmmmm……..

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