I may be too old for Second Life

or possibly I’m just not smart enough to learn a whole new set of rules for a video game world – I’ve barely got the hang of the laws of physics for the world I actually live in.

Seriously, I get the concept, and I can even see how it could be used for simulations, virtual battle space, etc. – but I’ve been playing around in the newbies area for two weeks now, and all I’ve managed to do is collect a bunch of information cards and get my avatar (Chan Faith, if I ever get good enough at this to bump into you there) to be a vaguely female looking bald person with a plain black T-shirt and jeans. It’s all I can do to get her to even walk in the direction I want her to, much less interact with anyone. I’ve read several “newbie” sites, help posts, information about skins and owning property and using money – but I still can’t even figure out the hair thing. Actually (virtually?) going to somewhere specific seems to be a bit out of the question for me yet.

I need to enlist a teenager to tutor me through the rest of this class. I’m just about all teched out.

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