The things I worry about…

how many people are aware enough of what they put online, and how available it is, to protect themselves? I know that the information is out there. I mean, I’ve found it and read it – but I’m not sure all of my friends have.

So, where did that come from? Well, I’m watching an interview with Sheryl Sandberg, from Facebook – and apparently there is a deal in the works that will make Facebook feed out to seach engines like Google and Bing. Why? I’m trying to think of a reason why this might be necessary or useful – what am I missing here?

I’m an old worrywart. I know. But it seems to me that as they make these social sites more and more user-friendly, and more accessible to people who aren’t particularly tech-savvy (yeah, um, like me), well, more people who aren’t too tech-savvy are using them. Which is very democratic, and it’s nice that all the computer fun is no longer limited to people who think in XML, but, um… I know that, for instance, my friend J (who has a Facebook) probably doesn’t worry too much about how her privacy settings are set. Or, for that matter, know how to change her privacy settings. Or even that she can change them. So it will soon be true that anybody who types her name into Google will be able to see, not just whatever scary stuff is already out there (that’s bad enough, but it’s a whole different rant) – but will also be able to see anything she posts about her family vacation, her cat, her plans for the weekend… someone, please, tell me who this will benefit (besides potential stalkers?)

I really might be too old for this stuff. I should learn to knit.

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