I got the confirmation today

Jodi has purchased mine and Jareth’s tickets to Haiti. Now it finally seems real. Weird, I guess, but true – even getting the t-shirts and luggage tags in the mail didn’t really make this a “for sure” thing for me.

I am so excited about going back. I don’t have any idea what I will be doing or anything. I asked to help with the Neighbors Project, but I guess that all depends on whether they have any censuses or surveys that need to be done at that time. I really hope to be able to spend some time in the schools, and talk to the teachers. I want to know how they are prepared, what they need, how they choose their curriculum… well, everything, really.

I really want to meet Kerly and see Malia again, too. And I hope I get to see more of the peninsula than just Saint Louis, although if I can’t that will be fine too. I’m trying not to make any specific plans and just keep an open mind and see what God wants me to see and learn there.

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