The plan – Lord willing and the creek don’t rise…

2011 trips to Haiti –

March – I will be joining Josh on his annual spring break trip. The orphanage is the center of gravity for my heart, and Josh is the guy to go with if you want to spend time at the orphanage, so this is appropriate and necessary – I’m pretty sure. Looking forward to meeting Kerly and getting to know the other teens a little better, maybe I can get some more ideas for ways to connect with them and help them in the June trip.

June – RestoreRetreat. Shaun King from A Home in Haiti, and Brent Bramer of Help Heal Haiti, are putting together a combination mission trip/youth retreat for future church leaders, to help them focus and clarify their roles in furthering the Kingdom. I am putting together a team of young adults for this trip. Part of the trip will be spent at the orphanage, working with the teens. So far I am looking at:

– Translating a Spiritual Gifts test into Creole and working through that with them

– Working through the first three chapters of Genesis with the Firm Foundations curriculum, from New Tribes Mission

– Talking to them about what careers and vocations might interest them, what university or vocational training they will need to get there, and what they can do now to start preparing

I’m open to other ideas – I don’t want to bog down the few days we have together with too much stuff, because I want to leave a fair amount of time for “just hanging out” and encourage the Haitian youth and American youth to form friendships.

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