I love you, Denver drivers

I don’t care if I sound biased – I’ve lived in over a dozen states and I still maintain that Colorado has the best drivers anywhere.

If I ever become ridiculously rich (haha) I think one of the charities I would establish would be a scholarship fund for a cultural exchange program. Groups of polite, safe drivers from Denver could spend a couple of months, maybe a semester, in coastal North Carolina modeling appropriate behaviors on 70 and 24. Meanwhile, groups of downeasters could come to Denver and attend seminars like “Intermediate Etiquette: Negotiating the Four-Way Stop” and “Merging: How ‘Taking Turns’ Can Improve Your Life.”

I just drove around for about two hours in my old stomping grounds. The traffic has quadrupled since I was here, the lanes are crazy and if you get in the wrong one by accident you are not gonna get where you meant to go, there are one ways and stoplights all kinds of places they didn’t used to be – but no one is honking. Or cursing. Or getting law enforcement involved in their right-of-way disputes. I LOVE it!

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