What I know.

What I know:

– My heart is in Haiti. It’s been there since February 2007, even though I didn’t actually go until October of 2008. When Dave and Sue first announced that they were going, my heart jumped. Literally – I felt it move. It was a little scary. I have known since then that I need to be there, that I have something to do there. It’s taken me a long time to figure out what.

– My education, background, and vocation all point to work in adult education. I have an M.Ed, working on an Ed.D. I’ve worked as a tutor, vocational teacher, curriculum designer, faculty evaluator, and faculty developer; loved every second of it.

– About a year ago I ran across an old blog by a young couple starting an NGO in Haiti. They made a passionate argument for the importance of education in addressing the country’s problems, and described their dream of one day building a college in the Northwest peninsula. Again, with the jumping heart.

– And then there was the earthquake. The young couple diverted their efforts to rebuilding projects further south, and I began thinking of school development as a “someday” thing. I lost that sense of urgency I had started with.

– So I went back to the Northwest last summer. We were in a tap tap, on the way to Saline Mayette, and we passed the site of the old orphanage in Port de Paix. I asked Josh what the mission was doing with that property now. He told me that it was the site of a large feeding program and a – <drumroll> – new secondary school. Any guesses about what my heart did next?

– So with my ventricles training for the Olympic trampoline team, I eventually made it back to the mission main campus and found a chance to talk to the director. He explained some of the financial realities of higher education in Haiti, and what needs to happen to keep the school running. We also found that we agree on the idea of a dual track program; that high schools should be able to address both university prep and vocational needs. It’s been two months now since that conversation, and I’ve about given up on getting the old ticker under control. It is still bouncing like a caffeinated toddler.

That is all I really know. Everything else I have at this point is theoretical or an outright daydream. But I know that something big is due to happen with higher education in the Northwest region, and I know that I am called to be involved in it. I guess I’ll figure the rest out in His good time.

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