I have an idea

Took me long enough, huh? But what about a motorcycle ride fundraiser?

John and I rode yesterday in the local Boy Scout ride. It was well organized, beautiful route, huge huge participation. So there I am, sitting on the back seat of Steve the Suzuki, and thinking – hey, if the Boy Scouts can do this… why can’t I?

Just like runners are perfectly able to run for free anytime they have their shoes on, but are willing to pay actual money to run with a thousand other people, it seems that motorcyclists are willing to open up their wallets for the opportunity to move in herds.

Imagine with me for a moment – the “Help Heal Haiti Island Cruise.” A springtime ride around all the beautiful back country (twisty!!!) roads that I have right here in my own backyard – freshly planted farmland, spring flowers, April is really really nice around here – with stops planned on the route titled “Saline Mayette” and “Bonneau” and “La Baie de Moustiques” and with the beginning and end point at “Saint Louis du Nord.”

The stops will have Haitian music or a local live Christian band, samples of Haitian food (I make a mean pikliz, and I’m getting the hang of black beans and rice and pate), and information about the work being done by NWHCM and how people can help. At the Saline Mayette stop, for example:

  • pics of the new orphanage, worship services, school
  • a few of the orphans’ stories
  • pics and “how to sponsor” information on all the orphans currently awaiting sponsors

At the Baie stop, information on:

  • sustainable agriculture initiatives
  • the community development group
  • the high-efficiency charcoal stoves that Curtis has blogged about
  • the fishing boat project
  • microfinance

Tell me if I’m crazy (more than my usual, I mean) or if you think this is workable. Throw me ideas, I’m open!

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