Not Exactly Resolutions but

I’ve never been big on New Year’s Resolutions per se – but I am at the beginning of some, and well into the middle of other, attempts to form healthier habits. Here’s what I’m doing… how about you?

In no particular order:

  • I have not had a cigarette since November 2.
  • I have kept my sink shined for a week (if you don’t know what that means or why it is a big deal, see )
  • I have reduced my sodium intake by about 25% – not enough, but a start. I am starting to get used to the taste of Mrs. Dash.
  • I have spent at least 30 minutes a day in some combination of prayer/meditation/Scripture reading for well over a week.

That is enough for me to tackle at one time. One thing about having made the same mistakes over and over again for 44 years is that I am starting to be able to see them coming – and one of my “biggies” is trying to change EVERYTHING I don’t like about myself at once every time I happen to be struck with that magical combination of time, motivation, and energy. This will do.

I am happy about being a non-smoker. I noticed that my immune system is starting to come back – my husband still catches just about every cold or virus that happens by, and I have (by the grace of God) managed to skip the last 3 that he has caught. It used to be an absolute given that if he got sick, I was going to get sick too.

The FlyLady “shine your sink” thing is… well, let’s just say I am NOT a habitually great, effective, or efficient housekeeper. I don’t live in health-hazard quality filth (I have, at times, just ask my mom about the “clean-your-room” fights she and I used to have, ugh). But I do live in a pretty perpetual state of clutter, disorganization, and piles of stuff that I don’t really know what to do with it. My husband, when we met, was an extremely tidy and organized man. He lived in a very clean house – as a bachelor!!!! (Sorry, unfair stereotype flag on that play.)

About a week ago my friend J posted a link to the FlyLady site on her Facebook status. Now, I had tried the FLY system before without success. I had also “sort of” tried the Messies system developed by Sandra Felton ( – unsuccessfully.  These are both really great, effective, well-thought out systems for improving cluttered lives, they have each been used successfully by many of my friends and thousands of other people. So why no success for me? Remember what I said earlier about making the same mistakes over and over again? I tried to change everything at once. Big giant effort, huge expenditure of energy and motivation, rapid burnout, and I quit.  This time I am just doing as prescribed. And it is working well so far.

My diet is pretty healthy. I generally have my fats and proteins in a rational proportion, eat a lot of complex and very few simple carbs, have my cholesterhol under control, and avoid most preservatives and artificial colors. My dietary downfall is salt. Not only do I love to sprinkle it in large quantities on virtually everything I eat, even my favorite (otherwise pretty okay) processed foods have sodium contents off the charts! Campbells Cream of Pototo soup has over 62% of the RDA in ONE CAN! Lean Cuisine frozen meals have tons as well. I started paying attention after I read an article in Shape magazine that said too much sodium can cause your kidneys to work too hard – leading to chronic fatigue. Well, chronic fatigue I got, so cutting back was worth a shot.

The last habit speaks for itself, I think.

In general, I can safely say that I feel observably healthier, happier, and more organized now than I did two months ago. It is not a dramatic change, but then again the dramatic ones are precisely the ones I have never been able to sustain.

How about you? Did you make any resolutions? Or are you working on developing any new habits?

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