More about Sandley

When I came home from Haiti last June, one of the first things I did was blog about Sandley. That blog post had more hits than any other one I have ever written. That is my basis for guessing that some of y’all might like to learn more about this extraordinary young man.

Portrait of Sandley

Sandley at the mission, June 2012. Photo by John Rambo.

All I had to write about at that time was what I had seen and what I had been told. As of today, Heather has taken the time to pour her heart into Sandley’s story – how she found him, how he found Justin, how God brought them all to the right place for them. This is an amazing read, please take a moment with it.

I have also heard, since the original post, that Sandley is more successfully absorbing nutrients from his food now that he is being fed tiny quantities on a more frequent basis. I will update you all on his story as I learn more. John is going back to Haiti for an extended trip this spring, as well.

Sandley with missionary intern Justin Clark. Photo by John Rambo.

The Miriam Center is one of the very, very few places in Haiti that is equipped to take care of special needs children. They operate on a shoestring budget, but the 47 young people that they care for are loved, played with, educated, and have treatment plans developed by a special-needs experienced OT. There is a chronic shortage of diapers, food, and medical equipment – there is no shortage of love. To learn how you can help, visit .

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