They work for the government; They are here to help.

First disclaimer… I am NOT going to push Paleo, low-carb, or any other food/lifestyle philosophy on ANYONE. Everyone has different blood chemistry and food sensitivities. I react badly to processed carbs, it took me decades to figure that out, so I just don’t do them anymore. That’s just me. I know tons of healthy vibrant people including my own parents who are successful with a vegetarian lifestyle that includes bread and pasta. I am hardly going to accost them with data on why they need more steak and pork roasts in their diet; I’m not in that big of a hurry to get disowned 😉

What I WILL advocate for, to anyone who will hear me and many who won’t, is CLEAN eating. As in – reducing the quantities of preservatives, pesticides, flavor-enhancers, softeners, texturizers, weed-killers, fillers, starches, and other STIFF (stuff that isn’t freakin’ FOOD) in our food.

So this just pisses me off. Pardon my language. But I am angry, and there is a soapbox to go with it. Who here is surprised by that? Bueller? Bueller?

The Alliance for Food and Farming is an “information campaign” – FUNDED by FEDERAL GRANT MONEY (as in, yes, your tax dollars) – designed to convince the American public that pesticides and herbicides are perfectly safe and harmless.  Yes, that is their purpose. They do not want to see us “waste” our money on the “silly” fad of organic produce, and they definitely do not want us to try to reduce our gluten or processed foods consumption. And don’t worry about contamination or buying local – e. coli and salmonella are apparently wildly unlikely in mass-grown, mass-shipped products! Anyone want to look at some beach properties I have up for sale in Wyoming?

They even have an “interdisciplinary educational unit” lesson plan for 5-7 graders, provided to teachers for free! If the X-geners are going to keep up this “organic, sustainable, local” silliness, at least agribusiness can set itself up for megaprofit for the next decade, right?

Now – before I get slammed with a million comments about how “the American Farmer” needs to catch a break so I should  get off his back – let me clarify. The AFF website packages and phrases its garbage information to make it look like they are representing all of the farmers of the U.S. Nothing could be more misleading. They are representing ConAgra and other agricultural mega-businesses – the ones who are growing the wheat for Wonder Bread and Twinkies and the corn for high-fructose corn syrup. The local farmers who supply your farmer’s markets and nicer restaurants, that many of you have relationships with and buy from directly, are NOT represented by this garbage. Many of them are working very very hard to supply the increasing demand for organic local produce. The ones who financially cannot make those changes yet are absolutely willing to do so as the demand increases further. That is EXACTLY what agricultural mega-businesses are trying to prevent.